Sri Lanka Independence Day

by Mathura Balarajan 02-09-2019

“It is for all of us who love this country to come together, to rise up to the many challenges that confront us, to raise our voices against evil and falsehood, to insist that our politicians adhere to moral and ethical standards and to stand up for the poor, the downtrodden, and the marginalized.” – The Bishop of Colombo, Anglica News.

In the past year, the peace in Sri Lanka has been challenged due to political mishaps- namely, President Sirisena’s appointment of the Prime Minister. This issue caused strife for months until it was struck down by the Supreme Court. Many regarded it as a threat to the democratic nature and values of the country. Additionally, it served as a harsh reminder of past grievances, such as the conflict and tensions because of the Sri Lankan Civil War. While there have been many setbacks to the sense of unity, Sri Lanka’s Independence Day serves as a stark reminder of what we are all fighting for: peace and strength as a united nation.

According to Anglica News, the Bishop of Colombo spoke out against the dark injustices and the need to move forward with a message of hope. He stated: “It is not only the shameful and ugly events of October and November that have brought about this darkness. The long accumulation of misdeeds, the greed, power hunger, corruption, injustices-principally on the part of our politicians, but also by us, who willingly or through indifference have put our personal welfare and comforts before the common good, profits and benefits before the interests of the nation and the country as a whole.”

The message is clear and unwavering: we, as people and as a nation, need to unite. In the spirit of Sri Lankan Independence Day, we remember all those who have suffered and look to every day as a chance to be better and to work harder to improve the lives of our families and communities. Whether celebrating our patriotic spirits in Las Vegas or journeying to Sri Lanka to connect with our heritage, our community is vibrant and alive. We are spirited and passionate and filled with pride on embarking on our next journeys, as individuals and as a community.

In Las Vegas, our Sri Lankan Independence Day is a cherished time for our community to come together and honor our heritage, culture, and country. It is a time to reconnect with the people we consider family, Despite the conflicts that will remain a part of Sri Lanka’s history, the Bishop of Colombo’s message urges us to continue to push for what is right, to honor our heritage and country, and to unite in love and respect.